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Mermaid Bath Bags

Bathing Teas - Mermaid Bath Bags

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Mermaid bath bags are little bathing beauties inspired by the tale of the mermaid of Zennor in Cornwall.

Each bag contains bath time treats of coconut milk powder, organic jojoba oil, Epsom salts, sea salt & Cornish seaweeds.

The bag acts as a potion pod gradually releasing its rockpool bathing mix of milks, salts and skin tonics and circulation stimulants from the seaweed directly into your bath.

Fragranced with orange and rosemary oils to uplift and invigorate you - perfect for the worn out or as a sore muscle soak we say!

Perfect for those with sensitive dry skin conditions or anyone in need of extra moisturisation and soothing.

Each box contains six bath bags. We suggest you use 1 bag for a luxurious soak!