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Aromatherapy Spa Facial - 45mins

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Our facials include relaxation, pampering and all natural skin nourishment. Great as part of a routine or as an occasional treat, we find that they are a fantastic way to engage and experience our natural skincare products.

Our Spa Facial lasts 45 minutes and includes:

  • Sunshine Itself Oil Cleanse
  • Sunshine Itself Deep Skin Cleanse
  • Exfolation using Aurora Pelle Polish
  • Steam & Massage with Lighthouse Skin Formula
  • Deep moisturisation & skin soothing Melograno Melt Face Mask Treatment
  • Hand Massage- exfoliation- moisturise- Enchanted cuticle repair balm.
  • Cloud Skin Toner
  • Stella Maris Serum
  • Moisturiser (your choice of Gloribunda/ Starboard Siren/ Ahoy Buoy)

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