The pumps of invention

19 Jan 2014

The inventing room

Well its all hands to the pumps of invention this week in our kitchen.

It's funny how as a child you can dream of becoming an inventor but no careers guidance councillor seems to talk about it as a least none that we've ever met. Yet all creative pursuits and eventual businesses are first and foremost started with invention whether it be in the form of an idea or a tangible product.

We like to devote a significant amount of time to inventing, experimenting and researching..eventually it will culminate in a product or sometimes whole line of products. The other day we made a ball of soap that smelled divine and looked like the earth and then we got to testing it it- it slid off the side of the sink and out of our hands like an over-enthusiastic eel when the water element got we went back to the drawing board for tweaks!

Allowing the time to refine and tweak ideas is crucial to developing the right product. We then put the wheels of label design and marketing in motion so by the time you buy a cream for face you'll actually be buying hours of invention time (if only to mention one factor) alongside it. It's definitely the case that in a creative business the finished article always has a much longer story behind it, probably scribbled, painted or stuck in a notebook somewhere.

This is our favourite way of working so that by the time it's on a shelf somewhere we've released something that we're ever so pleased with and happy to share with the world..from our foot scrubs to cuticle oil (still in the inventing kitchen but coming soon!)