Natural Enterprise

29 Sep 2014

Salt | Travels and Tours

Well my goodness what a summer of inspiration it was.


 We explored the island of Noirmoutier, France with its salt flats, oyster fishing huts and abundant shellfish that are collected every low tide by an army of folk with baskets - and cooked on the beach accompanied by lots of chat and satisfied faces.

The hordes of collectors reminded me a little of Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ figures on their Liverpool beach.

 We took a trip out to the local salt harvesters who are all based in wooden shack shops next to pans of salt, barrows and rakes. The salt is filtered three times from open water through large dug out pans until it becomes baked in the hot sun of the shallowest pan and ultimately skimmed off (the ‘Fleur’ or finest salt ) and raked up into piles (Gros Sel).

We soaked up the atmosphere of wooden shacks, grasses and people's enterprising ways of making the most of natural wonders like harvesting moules and salt.

We use Noirmoutier Gros Sea Salt in: Sweet Feet Foot Scrub...and other products that are in the inventing room but will make an appearence in time for next summer!