Misty Walks and a Lighthouse

14 Nov 2014

Travels and Tours

Misty walks on a windy Cornwall beach with a view to the Godrevy Lighthouse inspired a wonderbalm. Made a bit more famous by featuring in the Virginia Woolf novel ‘To The Lighthouse’ we were inspired by the fact that lighthouses protect people from dangerous rocks - well, why can’t a lighthouse balm protect you from the elements just the same.

This can be used to beef up your moisturiser into a super protective cream with added oils or used all on it’s own. We highly recommend it for the more sensitive and reactive skins. Luckily it also has soothing and healing Argan and Jojoba oils and take it from us – it works like an extra layer of skin that feels the brunt of blustery winds and drizzle before your face does. Tested in various weathers for more than a year – from Lab experiment through to a lovely jar of Cornish themed delight.

 We love taking inspiration from things we see and experience…I wonder where we’ll go next.