Mapping Love and Pepper

09 Oct 2014

The inventing room

Fitting reed diffusers, bath salts bottles and lip tints together in an appealing display can be quite a challenge. Luckily, this week we have a problem solving furniture designer to help us out!

Starting with the plans we have worked together drawing around all our bottles, measuring and deciding what is needed ( 'a kind of big Chinese medicine/ apothecary/Olivander's wand shop type of box'). It's the kind of old school design technique we like when what you are left with looks like a ship's chart of lines, scribbles and pictures.

When you finish doing a flurry of winter shows, in the end you would just like a box to wheel in and wheel out, that says in an instant all it can about your products!

We work on many elements to bring our wares to the outside world but for now - it's all about the box.