Buds, Blooms & Sky

14 Apr 2015

The inventing room | Travels and Tours

Whilst the buds are blooming and sky is cloudless (well at least today it is) we have been working on exciting stuff behind the scenes. When we bring out new products we start with the ingredients and work our way through a long process to the label design and beyond.

Being of artistic leanings this feels natural and talks in a language we are used to…but with all art it needs inspiration. We are working on collections that bottle thoughts and artwork along with premium skin kind ingredients. During our travels we’re exploring environments, cultures and plants accompanied by our sketchbooks and cameras…and it’s lovely to be doing it in the sunshine.

We will kick off at the end of September with Autumn & Winter 2015 (just like the fashion world we need to be working months ahead of time) and will bring some exciting developments to you along the way.… Sign up for our mailing list or like us on Facebook to hear it all first and for news of competitions, opportunities and other lovely bits.