Bringing in the London Lavender Harvest

26 Jul 2015

Lavender | Travels and Tours

It was lavender harvest time on the London/ Surrey borders this weekend.

The bees were buzzing calmly from flower to flower as a small team of Love and Pepper workers snipped with scissors to bring in this years haul.

We choose to 'pick our own' at Stanley road allotments where the Carshalton Lavender Community Project has been cultivating a section of disused allotments for growing and harvesting lavender for almost 20 years. Originally the south London suburbs of Mitcham & Carshalton were the first producers of commercial Lavender (Provence followed a bit later on). The Carshalton Lavender Community Project has set about reviving the old traditions of London lavender growing. Working co-operatively with volunteers and inmates from Downview prison Carshalton Lavender has cultivated lots of positivity along with the Lavender buds.

We bring our lavender back to the lab and dry it out in our dehydrator before adding it to our soaky bath salts. Our ingredients are important to us, as are the people behind producing them. In the Carshalton lavender field there is definitely an air of gentle contentment from visitors as they choose their sprigs, fill buckets and listen to the bees hum.