Honey Sunsets & Terracotta Tiles

07 Oct 2016

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We are busy experimenting with all things Honey at the moment along with dreaming of the hot summer sunsets and terracotta tiles.

Honey is nature's original wonderbalm. On it’s own it helps protect against and fight infections in wounds and if there is nothing else around when you have a cut or a graze, salt water washes and a dab of honey goes a long way to protecting your skin. Many swear by its use as a cough soother and to avoid seasonal hayfever too.


Honey has antifungal, antibacterial & antioxidant properties and was traditionally used as a topical antibiotic before the discovery of penicillin.

For now, we are happy dabbling away with our jars of liquid gold and can’t wait to see what we end up with. Experimenting with the potions is one of our favourite parts of the process of developing products - it’s the stuff of stories at that stage - a pinch of this, a dash of that and see what you end up with…we will keep you posted!

Sales, Fairs & Jars Of Potion.

15 Dec 2015

Travels and Tours

We do many sales & fairs at this time of year and bring our products out from the tiny laboratory into the world. It’s been great to get out and about.

We work really hard to develop high quality products with fantastic ingredients that are also creative time capsules containing moments, ideas & creative inspirations that influence every label & box. Often, when we tell people we design, make & package everything by hand they are surprised.

We aren’t tempted to do this any other way at the moment as it allows more room for our creative expression and helps us keep our connection with the raw materials right through to the finished products. We bottle & jar away for most of the festive season, until there’s time to have a little rest ourselves!

We have loved to watch you try our products, buy them and come again because you like them so much. Brilliant. We are a tiny London business who believes in that sort of thing.

Thankyou for supporting us this year and we wish you all the best holidays, however you choose to celebrate them. We will be developing our next collection during the beginning part of next year, we can’t tell you much about it yet but we can say that there is a faint sound of Puccini in the air..