Splendid Seaweed soaks

29 Jan 2016

Seaweed | The inventing room

Our adventures in smellovision have lead us to the soupy natural delights of Cornish Seaweed as an ingredient. The brilliant thing about seaweed is that it works in a number of ways (we love an ingredient that works like that!)

For starters it helps your blood to circulate- soothing tired muscles and it also helps with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis- working as an anti-inflammatory. Seaweed is also rich in minerals and B vitamins, which are brill.

We’ve teamed it up with Epsom salts, coconut milk powder, Jojoba oil and more and have aimed at the recreation of warm rock pools in our Mermaid Bath Bags- which seem to have flown off the shelves at Love & Pepper HQ- they are definitely for a long-soak bath and leave your skin feeling so lovely and moisturised and like you’ve had a bit of a skin tonic treatment too!