Rosemary waves goodbye to midwinter blues

07 Feb 2014


Say goodbye to midwinter fatigue and foggy heads!

So we're in the depths of January, it's a funny time of year when we all long for the light to come back and the season to change, usually long before it's actually ready to. We makers of lovely potions start dipping into our kitchen to find things to brighten the spirits and minds, today we turn to an age old favourite, Rosemary.

The ancient Greeks sometimes wove Rosemary into their hair to improve their memory, wouldn't that look strange in the supermarket! (if you do try it please send us a photo). In alternative medicine and aromatherapy, Rosemary performs a wealth of functions like helping to ease tired muscles, improving circulation and stimulating your memory naming just a few.

In the world of skincare Rosemary is a popular tonic and an ingredient often used in hair products and creams. We include Rosemary in a number of products, and we're especially keen on our 'Alive alive oh' bath salts..they do what it says on the label, once you've had a soak in them you feel like you've banished the mid-winter blues for a spell. We also include Rosemary to tone the skin in 'Ahoy Buoy' face cream and to improve circulation and relax tired tootsie muscles in 'Feast for Feet'...not bad for a herb traditionally used to ward off demons - surely they were midwinter demons.