Mrs Pepper's Peppermint Attraction.

22 May 2015


Antiseptic, deodorising and with antibacterial properties to boot, peppermint has all these natural qualities. This means that Peppermint is just about perfect to put on hot feet or sore muscles we say!

Peppermint also works on muscles beautifully to soothe and relieve a tired tootsie. Apparently mint was so valuable in ancient Egypt that it was used as currency and Roman philosopher Pliny suggested it should be bound around a head to ‘stimulate the mind and soul’- we haven’t gone to that sort of extreme with our peppermint use (yet!) preferring to include it in tubes, tubs and bars instead.

We combine peppermint with lime (for an uplifting zing) and Shea Butter to make our beautiful ‘Feast For Feet’, and with Sweet Almond Oil, Atlantic sea salt and Mango butter in ‘Sweet Feet’ – a salty foot scrub. These products work well together to invigorate tired feet, smooth and moisturise to get ready to do it all again the next day. 

You can also find peppermint included in Chef’s Soap, Sunlight hand cream and most of our lip tints.