Oats are nature's kindest crop

14 Feb 2014


Nature's Kindest Crop...

Grown in the highlands of Scotland, the foothills of the Himalayas and many lands inbetween, oats are an ingredient used in cosmetics and soap and are used for so many things.

After they've finished dancing about in the fields they go on to perform great feats for health and beauty, not to mention being the perfect way to start your morning as a warming bowl of porridge. Oats are also known in alternative medicine as a restorative nerve tonic that helps uplift spirits. 
We include oats as an ingredient regularly when creating products for sensitive types and children as there is nothing quite like bathing in a kind milky bath after a long stressful day or enjoying their moisturising properties in one of our sweet little soap bars.

Oats are used in many eczema remedies as they have anti-inflammatory and anti-itch effects (1) but a lesser talked about quality are the natural cleaning properties they possess. Oats contain saponins which is a natural cleaning agent which absorb dirt and odours.

Crops of oats are grown in abundance in northern climes and have had many a family using them as a staple part of their diet for centuries. In fact, it may come as a surprise to know that you might be able source these delights from your local farm in this particular case. We order our organic, domestically grown oats from Pimhill in Shropshire and include the clever things in the following products;

Moonlit Kitchen Bath MilkHoneybabysugardumplin' Soap.

1. Archives of Dermatalogical Research 2008 Vol 300/ Issue 10