Jojoba oil creams and memories

20 Mar 2014

Jojoba Oil

Senses get jumbled up and smells evoke memories. I was remembering buying my first soap aged about 12: it was shaped like seashells and had jojoba in it. Ever since I've loved pretty much any product containing the divine oil that is actually a wax.

Jojoba nut oil (wax) has the same pH level as skin and was mistakenly named 'simmondsia chinensis' which implies its something Chinese rather than from the Californian desert (where the nut is actually originates from). It was discovered and used by Native Americans who made salves through to chewing on the seeds for all sorts of health remedies... we now know that Jojoba acts as an antioxidant and source of vitamin E which many find useful on all sorts of skin requirements from eczema through to ageing.

There is something so very soothing about a cream with Jojoba in it, so we choose to include Jojoba Oil in all of our creams, skin drinks it in happily and my goodness it's moisturising - almost like putting on an extra layer of skin to protect you from the elements. We include it for those reasons and also to create new memories for people that use it.